Since 2016 VUB offers a neutral learning platform for children aged 6-15 in a well-founded and qualitative manner. It helps the children develop positive images of their own identity, teaches them about Arab, Western and intercultural norms.

A new curriculum with 8 levels  is being designed. the longer term perspective is to deploy similar initiatives in other cities and to be a centre to teachers in contemporary Arabic language using new materials. 


About the project

This project provides Arabic language education for children aged 6-15 in Brussels in a neutral school environment, free of religion and supported by language experts from the VUB. A new curriculum, tailored to language level and age, is being developed as part of this project.

There is currently no offer of Arabic language lessons for children, which are free from religion. VUB considers it necessary to offer a neutral learning platform, where children can come into contact with Arabic language and culture, where they learn about social issues and Western and intercultural values, in Arabic.

Accelerated integration can be achieved by instructing children with a recent migration background from Arabic-speaking countries on relevant social issues and intercultural values (society, tolerance, humanistic values, etc.) in Arabic.

The project is open to ALL children who wish to learn Arabic. We are working on a cohort of children and older graduates who, in addition to their own discipline, are also proficient in Arabic. We are also creating a new potential for companies doing business with the Arab world.

Create a neutral platform

Shape the children’s cultural identity

Create employment for teachers with a migration/refugee background